About Us

We aim to provide opportunities for all community members to showcase and foster their talents in creative theatre, drama and the arts.

Perth Theatre is a community theatre group, based in W.A. We aim to provide a platform for local community members to showcase their talents and get involved in creative theatre, drama and the arts. Perth Theatre prides itself on being inclusive of all community members and strives to provide creative opportunities for all. We’re all about having fun, creating entertaining productions, fostering local talent, while making new friendships.

We work towards fostering new talent in our children and youth classes called Perth Academy of Performing Arts (PAPA)and creating entertyaing shows for the community. If you’d like to be involved please contact us and we’ll let you know what we have in the works.

Our Constitution and Rules of Association is available.

What we do:

Each year Perth Theatre puts on two theatre performances. At the start of the year we have our adult show targeted at people aged 18+. At the end of the year we host our Youth Show targeted for ages 10—17. We pride ourselves on producing original productions and are constantly looking for people wanting to write or direct.

Aside from our two theatrical shows we host a mid year company showcase/ awards night. This night is a celebration of the work the company has achieved in the last year and celebrates the individual work of it’s company members.

We love to provide opportunities to perform, but we also love to foster young talent. We conduct both drama and dance classes in our PAPA (Perth Academy of Performing Arts). These classes cater to children and young people from ages 3—18. Students in these classes get the opportunity to perform at parent nights and at our end of year concert.